Lindsay Hawdon is a writer of travel, adventure and fiction.  She began travelling at the age of eighteen.  After leaving school, she spent three years roaming around Europe, Africa and India, hitching rides and sleeping under canvass.

Her travel column, An Englishwoman Abroad, began in The Sunday Telegraph in 2000 and ran for seven years.  Throughout that time she travelled to every continent, ventured across every terrain, experienced every climate, writing stories about her experiences and the people she encountered along the way.

She has since travelled to over sixty countries and writes regularly for The Sunday Times, The Sunday Telegraph, The Australian and The L.A Times. Her column for The Sunday Times featured a fourteen month long trip around the Far East and Australia, accompanied by her two young children.  Her most recent trip, featured in a column for The Independent entitled, The Rainbow Hunters, featured a six month trip around the world with her two boys, travelling to seven countires to find the origin of seven colours, the first pigments made by the first colourmen.  They raised money for the charity War Child as they travelled.

Her debut novel, Jakob’s Colours, was published by Hodder and Stoughton in April 2015 (UK, Australia and NZ) and will be coming out in the US and Canada with Quercus in Jan 2016.

She lives in Bath with her family.

To find out more about Lindsay and her work, you can visit her professional website here. 

Or follow on Twitter @lindsayhawdon

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