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The Downward Flight

The Great Wall of China (Matianyu) It is not the Great Wall itself, rising up from the low lands to the high that the boys will remember. The immenseness of it running along the ridge of blue hazed mountains. The … Continue reading

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In Search of Yellow:

The Rainbow Hunters: One Mother. Two Boys.  A trip around the world in search of seven colours, the first pigments, made by the first colour men, raising money for the charity War Child as they go. (Kashmir, India) At first … Continue reading

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To Begin at the End

   (Cochin, India) He is there at the beginning of the day, on his hands and knees, marking out a giant square grid upon the dusty ground, on which he will begin his picture. Colours, made from rice flour, ground … Continue reading

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Blue Bird

Ooty, India                                                     We are caught in the middle of the crowd surging to board … Continue reading

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From Sound To Sight

(Mysore, India) We move from outside to in. From beneath a clear blue sky and a tree of bright green, to the dank dark, tea-stained interior of The Mysore Silk Factory. Built in 1912 by His Highness Sri Krishnaraja Wadiyar Bahadur, … Continue reading

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At First. And Then. (Two worlds colliding)

At first there is only the beggar in the road who sits on his haunches, staring vacantly and milky eyed through a cataract lens at the place where the road meets the curb, his nobbled hands cupped into a bowl … Continue reading

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The Rainbow Hunters:  A trip around the world – seven countries to find seven colours for the charity War Child.

On October 3rd 2014 my two boys (Dow and Orly) and I set off on a trip around the world.  Over a period of six months we will be travelling to seven different countries to find seven different colours, raising … Continue reading

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